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Frequently asked questions

Que 01 : Mangoes are sold per kilogram or per dozen?

We sell mangoes per dozen


Que 02: 1 Dozen means how many mangoes?
1 dozen means 12 mangoes, half dozen means 6 mangoes.


Que 03: Prices mentioned on the webpage are per dozen or per kilo?
Prices mentioned on the webpage are per dozen for Alphonso mangoes, however for Kesar mangoes we may sell in dozens or KGs also, it will be mentioned on the website accordingly.


Que 04: Do you provide a free replacement for rotten mangoes?
Yes, if at all you get rotten mangoes (chances are very less) since it’s a perishable natural product you just have to share the pictures with us through WhatsApp within 12 hours of receiving the mangoes, we will provide free replacement either in your next order or when we have any deliveries lined up in your locality, sending free replacement for one or two mangoes only is not economically feasible option. But we ensure that our customers gets value for their money.

Please note that for all outstation deliveries there is NO replacement for spoilt or rotten mangoes.


Que 05: Mangoes are dispatched in ripen/ semi ripen/ raw/ semi raw conditions?
It purely depends on location, for locations like Mumbai we provided ripen mangoes, for locations where deliveries are made within 2 to 3 days we dispatch semi ripen mangoes, locations where deliveries are made within 4 to 5 days we dispatch semi raw mangoes so that it can withstand the transportation period & by the time it reaches customers its almost ripen. Its always better that mango gets ripe after reaching the customers rather than getting overripe during transportation period.


Que 06: Cash on Delivery option available?
Yes, COD option is available for Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane, however, we encourage customers to use online payment options for quick and hassle-free experience.


Que 07 : What are your Delivery Timelines?
We try our level best to deliver mangoes within 2 to 3 days of receiving the orders for locations like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane. Outstation deliveries are processed from Monday to Thursday, However at times it may take 1 or 2 more days for deliveries because of location being remote or unavailability of stock at last moment, in such scenarios we keep our customers posted.
Please note that, there will be no dispatches on Sundays.


Que 08: Mode of shipping is by Road or Air?
For locations like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai & Thane, the mode of shipping is by Road. For outstation deliveries, it’s a combination of air plus road. Shipping charges are applicable for all deliveries according to the service area.


Que 10: Is there any discount for bulk orders or repeated orders?
Yes certainly, we do offer a discount for bulk orders of 5 dozens & above, for repeated orders/customers we provide cash discount or additional mangoes whichever they prefer.


Que 11: How do I place the order?
You can place order through our website, select the mango categories and quantity you wish to purchase, then update your cart and proceed for checkout, on billing details page put all requisite information and make the payment using credit/debit cards, Netbanking etc, once you make the payment you will get confirmation email that your order has been placed.


Que 12: If I am unable to make payment through your payment gateway option on website what do I do?
In such case please give us a call or send a mail, we will immediately share a payment link through which you can make payment instantly and order gets booked.


Que 13: Where do I call in case I wish to inquire about your product and other information?
You can call us on +919137791800 / +919920465252 or even write to us at


Que 14: Why your prices are high?
Our prices are optimum, it’s definitely not higher than the market prices of natural, organic & authentic Alphonso Mangoes. We only sell naturally grown & ripen mangoes, we don’t ripe them using carbide or any other chemicals. In fact our entire farming processes are organic hence our mangoes stands out in the market.


Que 15: In market we get mangoes in the range of Rs.300 to Rs.700/- per dozen, then why should we buy from Kubalwadi Mangoes?
Yes, its a fact that you can buy mangoes from market at price range of Rs.300 to Rs.500/- per dozen but those mangoes are not Original Alphonso, what you buy at that price is the Karnataka Mango which looks like Alphonso but not the Original Alphonso, when you taste Original Alphonso & Karnataka Mango then only you will understand the difference between two. Also those Karnataka Mangoes are neither grown naturally nor ripen naturally, it gets chemicalised and ripen with carbide hence those merchants can afford to sell at such cheap prices. But the one who is selling Original Ratnagiri & Devgad Alphonso will never be able to sell at such prices.


Que 16. What if I don’t get my delivery after placing an order?
There is no such possibility, as we supply our mangoes all over India, and for 1 delivery we can’t afford to tarnish our company brand & goodwill earned so far, so don’t worry, place the order and experience the difference. In rare scenario, your delivery might get delay due to any unforeseen natural circumstances or unavailability of stock at last moment but in such cases, we keep our customers posted on the status of such situations.


Que 17. From which part of country your mangoes are sourced?
Authentic Alphonsos are only available in Konkan region of Maharashtra state, our mangoes come from Ratnagiri and Devgad districts of Maharashtra.

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