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Why Does Kubalwadi Exist?

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

We all love mangoes and specially alphonso magoes coming from Konkan region of Maharashtra India, there are two type of alphonso mango varieties which are well know & demanded by everyone i.e. Ratnagiri Alphonso & Devgad Alphonso mangoes.

The challenge is alphonso mango season comes once a year for a period of 2 to 3 months only. The premium A grade quality mangoes are usually exported in order to get good price for the product. The other grades are usually sold in the Indian market.

The challenge is alphonso mango season comes once a year for a period of 2 to 3 months only. The premium A grade quality mangoes are usually exported in order to get good price for the product. The other grades are usually sold in the Indian market.

Cities which are well connected through good infrastructure and which are in close proximity are the places you will be able to buy alphonso mangoes, places which are remote or geographically too far from Maharashtra are the places you would not be able to get these fruits. The reliable and cost effective supply chain for food items is the major challenge today also.

On top of all, the alphonso mangoes itself are so delecate that a small change in wheather condition can hamper the entire fruit, it comes with a limited shelf life of 4 to 6 days max if its in raw or semi raw condition, which makes it difficult to supply this fruit to many parts of country irrespective of the fact that there is good demand for this fruit. Few customers even order this fruits through online portals by paying almost double the price but still there is no gurantee that fruit will reach in safe consumable condition, on many occasions customers don’t get fruits in eatable condition and feels cheated. In this scenario inadequate logistic & supply chain is the problem and not the seller.

That was the reason why kubalwadi came into existence, mainly to overcome these problems by making the fruit available to customers irrespective of their georaphical locations. We are on mission to make alphonso mangoes available to each and every mango lover throughout the year in most organic and natural form without compromising on the fruit quality and health of the cunsumers. While selling fresh alphonso mangoes in Mumbai region every year we keep getting lot of suggestions & feedback from customers that they wish to send mangoes to their friends and relatives to other regions specially north India and south India regions but due to lack of reliable & affordable supply chain we couldn’t do so for a long period of time.

That’s where we thought of processing our mangoes by retaining their natural form in a way that anyone craving for mangoes can easily use our products anytime of the year irrespective of the mango season and satisfy their taste buds. The mango pulp (aamras) which we manufacture are always prepared in small batches to ensure best texture, smoothness, thickness & taste. Its 100% organic & natural, we stricly avoid using any kind of preservatives, colors, essence & other additives. Its free from all kind of chemicals or adulteration. Only GI tagged alphonso mangoes from the orchards of Ratnagiri region of Konkan Maharashtra are handpicked, naturally ripened, washed then used for canning. Pulp is extracted using a pulp extractor and boiled at 90-95 degrees (pasturised) to make it safe for consumption and to improve its shelf life & quality. Then the pulp is filled in sterile food grade easy open tin containers.

Our main focus has always been B2C customers than B2B, today most of the pulp manufacturers make their products for B2B custmers mainly, since they use mango pulp as one of the ingredient for making their products, hence they prefer quantity over quality. That’s the gap we thought we could bridge by producing the premium quality alphonso mango pulp which can be served to B2C customers which they can eat at home like a homemade aamras. They can even make more than 20 types of recipes from different varieties of our mango pulp anytime of the year and treat their family and friends.

By canning the alphonso mangoes we could increase the shelf life drastically, we are able to serve customers across coutry even to remote most locations. Majority of our customers enjoy our products and keep purchasing it throughout the year which gave us confidence that we are on the right path.

You can eat this divine pulp as a sweet dish or along with Puri / Chapati / Flat Bread. As quality speaks for itself now our product is widely used by bakers & confectioners also for making delicacies like Mango Cakes, Soufflé, Mango Fudge, Mango Lassi, Mango Shrikhand, Ice-creams, smoothies, Juices & Milkshakes, Jams & Jellies.

Our intention has always been to provide top class products to our patrons, we are growing by leaps & bounds, we are adding almost 120% customer base every year and still counting. We wish to be the number one preferred brand in India when it comes to fresh alphonso mangoes and mango pulp, we are committed to do this bit for our society.

What Is Your View On Alphonso Mango Market In India? Does It Have Potential To Grow Further Or Its Saturated??

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